Taking on the gender gap and celebrating great women leaders.

Ingrid has always known that she wants to find a way to help the people in her native Honduras. In particular she is concerned about the gender gap, which is particularly acute in low-income communities. Currently working on her second Masters Degree, Ingrid is developing the skills and tools necessary to tackle the interconnected challenges of education, health and women’s empowerment. As a first step she is working with fellow GoodFestival volunteer Stephanie on a startup to bring products created by Honduran women to the European market, with the aim of reinvesting profits into social projects in Central America.

After pitching the project at the 4th GoodFestival, Ingrid was so inspired by the community of innovators all working on getting good done, that she decided to join the production team. Her passion and experience make her a perfect addition to the team planning the Great Women Leaders event.