Envisioning real utopias.

Having grown up in an international context and travelled a lot, Laura developed a strong interest in human rights, the environment and sustainability issues. After a Bachelor in International Relations, she decided to take a year off to start contributing in her own way as a global citizen. This eye-opening gap year - during which she raised awareness about the unsustainability of food systems at COP21 and worked on the implementation of Agenda21 in Switzerland - inspired her to study a Master’s in Social Development, focusing on forms of collective action aiming to address contemporary ecological, economic and social crises.

Laura believes that the possibility of a better future lies in the power of people to rethink our societies, create alternatives and instigate change. Convinced by the vision of the GoodFestival, Laura joined the Storytelling Team and is ready to build bridges and support projects and people by sharing their stories, working in particular on the Global Good Congress.