Doing good - one story at a time.

“Do no harm, do good when possible, and otherwise live and enjoy life” is Sibylle’s motto for life. And it is her quest to do good and to leave the world a little better than she found it that brought Sibylle to the GoodFestival Team. After having lived and worked internationally – leading projects, teaching, studying a Masters in Peace, Conflict and Development Studies, and doing lots of salsa dancing – Sibylle returned home to her native Switzerland looking for a new challenge.

From hiding under the covers with a flashlight to read books past bedtime to researching the use of storytelling in higher education, Sibylle has always been fascinated by the power of story to connect and inspire people. As lead storyteller of the GoodFestival and editor of OneMillionSparks, she is excited to hear and share your stories.