Let's serve those who do good.

It doesn’t take more than a few minutes in conversation with Rajiv and watching how he engages with those around him to know that he is living the spirit of the GoodFestival everyday. After a global corporate career Rajiv initiated GoodFestival with an incredible team that is taking a bigger leadership role every day.

Using knowledge and research to do good.

Martina has been moving between the worlds of academia and field work, looking for ways to operationalize knowledge so that it can be applied in the real world. Fascinated by people, she studied a Bachelor in Psychology with a particular interest in how we can build a society that really listens and cares. At the same time she wants to understand how we can psychologically adapt to thrive in a world marked by rapid innovation and incredible technological advancements.

Supporting business and entrepreneurship for good.

Carlos is originally from Barcelona, where he worked in business consultancy firms and economic development agencies helping entrepreneurs and companies grow. Today he is still helping businesses through his own consultancy firm that he launched in 2010. At the same time he is also teaching young students entrepreneurship competencies and methods with the Graines d’Entrepreneurs programme.

Using language, art and music to inspire others.

Mathilde is interested in all things related to art, culture and innovation. Her academic background is in the Arts with a Master in modern French and Social Sciences. But she not only enjoys learning about art, she is also actively involved in organizing events that showcase artists and their work. While studying at the University of Lausanne, she was a member of the organizing committee for an open air festival, and she has volunteered in various roles at different festivals in the region.

Envisioning real utopias.

Having grown up in an international context and travelled a lot, Laura developed a strong interest in human rights, the environment and sustainability issues. After a Bachelor in International Relations, she decided to take a year off to start contributing in her own way as a global citizen. This eye-opening gap year - during which she raised awareness about the unsustainability of food systems at COP21 and worked on the implementation of Agenda21 in Switzerland - inspired her to study a Master’s in Social Development, focusing on forms of collective action aiming to address contemporary ecological, economic and social crises.

Taking on the gender gap and celebrating great women leaders.

Ingrid has always known that she wants to find a way to help the people in her native Honduras. In particular she is concerned about the gender gap, which is particularly acute in low-income communities. Currently working on her second Masters Degree, Ingrid is developing the skills and tools necessary to tackle the interconnected challenges of education, health and women’s empowerment.

Doing good - one story at a time.

“Do no harm, do good when possible, and otherwise live and enjoy life” is Sibylle’s motto for life. And it is her quest to do good and to leave the world a little better than she found it that brought Sibylle to the GoodFestival Team. After having lived and worked internationally – leading projects, teaching, studying a Masters in Peace, Conflict and Development Studies, and doing lots of salsa dancing – Sibylle returned home to her native Switzerland looking for a new challenge.

Believing we all can contribute to Good - targeting innovators.

With a background in economics and statistics, Sara has been working in applied statistics and machine earning techniques over two decades. She believes that a motivated team can help people #GetGoodDone and change the world in a positive way - this is why she joined the Good Festival last year. Sara is part of the Talent Acquisition team, searching for innovators and storytellers aiming to build a better world.

Understanding what is good - a legal mind helps guide the GoodFestival.

As a former participant, innovator and organizing team member, Hazel is familiar with all aspects of the GoodFestival. After 15 years working as an in-house lawyer for various multinational companies, Hazel wanted to use her skills and experience to make the world a better place, but wasn’t sure how to start. A LinkedIn post inviting her to attend the GoodFestival seemed like the perfect place to start.

Making a difference, one traveller at a time, but how?

Elisabeth and Nicolas, a young French couple, were travelling in Malaysia when they came up with the idea for My Green Trip. What is My Green Trip you may ask? A way to connect environmentally-concerned travelers with locale, nature-friendly tourism organizations aimed at cleaning beautiful places plagued by our rubbish. These tourist organizations are our partners that make the whole system work.

Waterock L3C – bringing back indigenous water harvesting techniques.

Laurence de Bure, a French born immigrant,brought an agricultural background from farm life in the Pyrenees Mountains in southern France to Tucson Arizona. Her appetite to learn of the tribal life near her new surroundings led her to discover traditional indigenous water harvesting techniques.