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The present Privacy Policy set forth the privacy related terms of the website, published by Majamba SARL.

At Majamba SARL, we attach great importance to your privacy and undertake to protect all personal data that we collect and process in relation with your use of the Website, pursuant to Majamba SARL’s Terms of Use.

All capitalized terms not defined in the present Privacy Policy shall have the meaning assigned to such terms in the Terms of Use and the term “Personal Data” shall have meaning given to such term under Article 3 of the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act of June 12, 1992.

1. Collect and processing of Personal Data

In order to register with Majamba SARL, You may be invited to submit the following information:

• Project Name;

• Project Description;

• Project Photo;

• Address;

• Other information, as requested in the application process.

In addition to the above, You agree that Majamba SARL will automatically collect your IP address when You use the Website and implement an automatic tracking process (cookie), which you may block by changing your browser settings.

By providing Majamba SARL with such Personal Data You expressly authorize Majamba SARL to collect and subsequently process such data.

2. Principles governing the collect and processing of Personal Data

The collection and processing of Your Personal Data by Majamba SARL, its subcontractors and affiliates shall at all times respect the principles summarized below:

Personal Data must be:

• processed fairly and lawfully;

• processed only for one or more specified and lawful process;

• adequate, relevant and not excessive for those purposes;

• accurate and kept up to date – inaccurate data must be destroyed or altered on request;

• kept for no longer than necessary;

• processed in line with the rights of individuals;

• secured against loss, destruction or damage and unauthorized or unlawful processing.

At all time, You may request unlimited access to your Personal Data and to request a correction of any erroneous or incomplete data about You.

You can update your Personal Data at any time by clicking on the ‘my account’ section of the Website.

It is Your responsibility to verify that Your Personal Data are accurate and updated. In case, You notice that some of Your Personal Data are inaccurate or obsolete, it is Your responsibility to notify Majamba SARL.

3. Purpose of the collection and processing of Personal Data

The purpose of the collect and processing of Personal Data is strictly limited to the following:

• Creation of a Showcase;

• Maintenance and development of the Website:

• Compilation of statistics in order to improve the quality of the services offered to Users.

4. Hosting of the personal data and transfer of your Personal Data

Majamba SARL is incorporated in Switzerland and all Personal Data You submitted is hosted in Switzerland, Europe and the United States.

Moreover, this collection and processing of Personal Data has been notified to the relevant local authority.

5. Transfer of Personal Data

As a matter of principle, Majamba SARL will never transmit your Personal Data to third parties without Your prior consent.

By registering with Majamba SARL, You acknowledge and agree accept that:

• Majamba SARL may transmit Your Personal Data to its partners, affiliates and subcontractors – including outside Switzerland or European Union Member States – insofar as Majamba SARL deems it necessary for providing You its services through the Website, in particular for processing online payments, or enhancing the quality of the Website; and

• Majamba SARL may release Your Personal Data if Majamba SARL is required under law to do so or in the good-faith believes that such release is necessary to comply with applicable legislation or respond to a court order or to protect Majamba SARL’s rights and interests. In such case, Majamba SARL shall make its best effort to inform You about such release as soon as reasonably possible.

6. Data security

Majamba SARL is committed to ensure the best possible level of security of your Personal Data, and shall take all appropriate measures to protect Your data against the risk of destruction, loss, misappropriation, damage or misuse.

7. Data retention

Majamba SARL will retain Your Personal Data only as long as necessary for the purposes set forth under Article 3 above.

Please note that data may be kept for a longer period of time exclusively for mere statistical purposes and Majamba SARL shall use anonymous data wherever possible.

8. Age limitation

Please note that anyone under the age of 18 is not allowed to register with Majamba SARL. And Majamba SARL shall not collect any information from anyone under the age of 18.

By registering with Majamba SARL You warrant that You are 18 years of age or older.

Anyone under 18 years of age, shall not use or access the Website at any time or in any manner.

If you are the parent or legal guardian of a child under 13, and that child has somehow registered with Majamba SARL, please contact Majamba SARL through the “Contact Us” page and we will provide You with full instructions on how to cancel your child’s registration.

9. Changes to Privacy Policy

This policy may change, and if it does, any changes will be identified on the Website. That way You will always be fully aware of what information is collected, how it’s used and under which circumstances it may be made available.

Majamba SARL, 1315 La Sarraz, Switzerland.

If You have any queries or comments regarding this Privacy Policy, just get in touch!

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18th of July 2018