Primo Tempo

Music is meant to make you feel good. Following this mantra, Michel Faragalli surrounds himself with talented musicians to form Primo Tempo, a band influenced by many genres like modern tango, flamenco, classical and... metal!


In 2018, Michel Faragalli played with Dashûr at the Firestarter Summit, organized by Good Festival. One year later, he is back with a new project, Primo Tempo. Although its sound is widely inspired by tango and contemporary composers like Astor Piazzolla, many genres come into the mix: classical music, flamenco, musette and sometimes metal!

“This band was born from my love of Tango music”, Michel explains. “We want to share our music with as much people as possible, in order to bring deep emotions to them.”

Listening to a song by Primo Tempo is an experience. In order to enjoy it, you just need to close your eyes and let the music guide you. Before you know it, the mix of the instruments, the variety of emotions and the complex rhythms will move you, and you will ask for more!

With Pierre Kuthan on bass, François Clavel on percussions and Marc-Antoine-Strahm on accordion, the band now has its core members; for their upcoming tour, they will be joined by a violin player from Slovakia, Petra Onderufova.

Indeed, the band is about to play shows in Switzerland and have a small Italy tour at the Ferrara Buskers Festival. As soon as they come back, they will enter the studio and record their first album. 

The band is currently trying to raise additional funds and has started a Wemakeit campaign. They are halfway to their goal, and there is still some time left to support them.

You can find more information about Primo Tempo’s campaign here: