Ease into The Art of Innovation with Swiss Failure+ Akademy

What if instead of avoiding failure at all costs, you could learn how to fail? The Swiss Failure+ Akademy uses this approach to help entrepreneurs and high-performance teams face any obstacles that might come their way.

In our modern society where failure is seen as something shameful, the Swiss Failure+ Akademy believes that it is a transformative tool for innovation and professional growth. By helping professionals, or anyone enthusiast, discover how to think and act differently in times of failure, Biliana Vassileva’s academy helps them to #befailurewise.


During their training to #befailurewise, professionals acquire a set of skills which will allow them to boost their growth and innovation confidence. For example, knowing what to do and not do in times of failure, shortening the recovery-time from failure, recognizing a new focus on opportunities, and taking action from a place of composure, motivation and resourcefulness.

With 20+ Master workshops attended by 200+ participants, more individuals, teams and organisations are using the transformative power of failure each day to accelerate innovation. The Swiss Failure+ Akademy has worked with UNCTAD, Graduate Institute for Development Studies Geneva, ITC, Impact Hub Geneva, SDG-Lab and the Good Festival amongst others.

The academy offers a multi-disciplined approach through three types of workshops: Masterclasses, Masterexperiences and Masterdialogues. Each of them explores different aspects of the art of failing like mindset shifts, failing fast, reflecting and growing, as well as intra-organisational learning from failure. The key is to empower the participants to be open and engage with their fear of failure.


The academy’s motto is #courageiscontagious. With its growing success, the team is now looking for new opportunities to help change makers ease into the art of innovation. Furthermore, they are looking for partnerships with individuals and/or organizations to address the demand for successful innovation in a business/entrepreneur environment.

Finally, the Swiss Failure+ Akademy is launching a new challenge: The 100-day Free from The Fear of Failure Innovation Challenge. Destined to eager entrepreneurs and professionals, this 100-days challenge will help you and your organization ease into the art of innovation by engaging constructively with failure.

This is not for everyone but it might be for you!

Dare to engage? Get in touch at transform@bilianavassileva.com. For more information about the Swiss Failure+ Academy, please visit https://bilianavassileva.com/swiss-failure-akademy