Clean Water For Each And Every Person - Starting With Refugees

"The world water crisis is ineluctable and will affect more than half of the world population by 2025. We need to act now and raise global awareness about the crisis."

Imagine a world where everyone, starting with refugees, has access to clean water thanks to an off-grid solution. That is what the non-profit association Water Inception stands for - nothing shorter than that.

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This ambitious vision breaks down into two solid objectives: raise awareness of water shortages and of the fact that we already possess the technology to solve the issue. The Water Inception team has already taken many significant steps in that direction. For instance, they know how to deliver the water: they bring water condensation machines, which turn moisture from the air into drinkable water.

Their progress has been noted and awarded by multiple sources: 25’000€ from crowdfunding, the PremaGyan Good 100 medal from GoodFestival, the 1st prize of Hacking4Humanity, and a financial support from the City of Nyon.

The journey of Water Inception was not without obstacles, though. They had to switch manufacturing partners in order to deliver the machine with the same quality but at a better price. They also had to face slight delays due to miscalculation of import taxes while bringing their machine to a refugee camp in Lebanon. However, one way or the another, things turned out well. They delivered what they promised.

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According to Nhat, founder of Water Inception, the next required step will be finding their first corporate clients, which will support their humanitarian activities. This will allow them to limit their dependence to donations.

#GamingForWater is part of their marketing strategy to attract such clients. This campaign aims to raise awareness using team-building projects. They organize the video-game charity tournament “Overcooked”, which make two people collaborate to prepare a dish.

Water Inception wants to see a world where everyone has access to clean water. They have already taken significant steps to accomplish their vision, and now they need all the support they can get.