Reconnecting Humans And Nature Through Cinematic Art

Five children are guided on a journey through the forest. Along the way they meet spiritual masters from the Amazonian tribe the Surius, scientific experts, and artists exploring nature through land and digital art. The goal is for each child to learn to reconnect with nature, themselves and others.

The documentary Connected, which showcases this story, is part of filmmaker Jane Schinasi’s quest to help reconnect humans with nature. Having grown up close to nature, Jane initially had difficulties adjusting to city life when she moved to Paris. Ever since then, she has been applying her creative skills to her mission of making people aware of the state of the world as well as our incredible ability to innovate and change things for the better.

Before filming Connected, Jane created the documentary series The Hope Bearers, in which she travels the world meeting with and sharing the stories of activists, NGOs, philanthropists and business people. While uncovering some of the biggest challenges the world faces, Jane manages to always tell stories of hope.


The passion with which Jane pursues her projects leaves little doubt that she fully believes in everything she is working for and is sincerely committed to making a difference – whether through documentaries, series, or animated stories.

Her positive energy was also evident at the Firestarters Summit, part of the fifth edition of GoodFestival in December 2018. The world premiere screening of Connected was followed by a panel discussion with Ernst Zürcher, Aurelie Debusschere and Jane, who each shared their own alarm at what is happening in the world but also a message of hope for the future.


Jane is currently in the middle of her newest project focusing on the connection between humans and nature – a film called Douglas. At the same time, she is a passionate advocate of everything related to nature and human connection. One of the ideas she is championing is the “Tree Alphabet” – the idea that in addition to teaching numeracy and literacy, children in school should also become nature literate, for example by learning about a tree for each letter of the alphabet.