Understanding what is good - a legal mind helps guide the GoodFestival.

As a former participant, innovator and organizing team member, Hazel is familiar with all aspects of the GoodFestival. After 15 years working as an in-house lawyer for various multinational companies, Hazel wanted to use her skills and experience to make the world a better place, but wasn’t sure how to start. A LinkedIn post inviting her to attend the GoodFestival seemed like the perfect place to start.

Inspired by - and wanting to help - all the innovators for good, she began developing her own online tool to help small organizations access in-house style legal advice, which she presented at the 3rd edition of the GoodFestival. Convinced by the vision of the festival, Hazel then joined the organizing team, taking the lead to organize the first Brainstorm for Good and mentoring new team members. As a mother of three she strongly believes that kids are our future, and she is ready to inspire the next generation to #GetGoodDone.