Art: An international language that brings people together.

“Imelda & Clyde” and “A Time to Remember”

Imelda & Clyde is a duo of musicians who not only are committed to their music but also committed to their nonprofit “A Time to Remember” (ATTR). Since 2015, ATTR promotes, supports and empowers young artists through different kinds of projects and activities such as concerts, competitions, radio shows and photo shootings among others. The objective: to improve young artists’ abilities and reach to share their passions with others.  


ATTR has worked with over 100 young artists of different socioeconomic backgrounds, and because of this they have received official recognition from the city of Lausanne by winning the Grand Prix Jeunesse. At the same time Imelda & Clyde’s musical career also has started to grow, with performances at the Montreux Jazz Festival, the production of their first album and a series of concerts in Switzerland and abroad. With all these changes they had to find a new way to continue with ATTR.


For young artists, access to musical and artistic opportunities can become difficult and demotivating as there is usually a very strong competitive feeling. This is one of the issues that ATTR and Imelda & Clyde feel passionate about and want to tackle by providing young artists from different social and cultural backgrounds with different projects and opportunities. They wish to teach them how to be stronger together rather than being against each other and how to collaborate and grow their artistic networks and opportunities.

The team at ATTR has strong artistic passions and is constantly pushing away many cultural, social and artistic barriers to be able to create something new and inspire others to go beyond their perceived limits.  Art, as an international language can bring different people together through music, painting, photography and so much more. 


Since its creation ATTR has been able to see how young talents have gotten together with their own artistic language and taken their first steps into the music industry, created their own bands, festivals and even their own non-profits. All these accomplishments have become the motor for ATTR to continue helping the younger generations of talents to be able to communicate through art and to get a push and support to achieve their dreams and goals by expanding these projects across Switzerland and eventually abroad.


Having success also comes with new challenges. Imelda & Clyde have had to create the perfect balance between their artistic career and ATTR, in a mutually beneficial relationship for them and to experience sustainable growth. More team members and funding are desired to be able to create new projects and reach as many talented young individuals. Even with these challenges Imelda & Clyde and A Time to Remember have a clear vision of the future and continue their mission to bring young talents together to create and grow their passion.