Giving Children's Clothes a Second Chance

Bibou’tic was born out of a desire to promote a more ecological, affordable and convenient way to dress babies. Delphine - a former paralegal and Sonia - who used to work as a caregiver, are behind the project.

Several years spent around mothers and babies combined with their personal experiences, including Delphine’s maternity leave, led them both to some observations:

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The baby industry is expensive for it is specific and plays on the feelings of parents wishing to give the best to their children.

Baby items, especially clothing, are only used over relatively short periods of time, resulting in high consumption, particularly in the first year.

Mothers usually do not have much time to shop in the stores.

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Building on this, Sonia and Delphine wished to share a different approach to dressing babies: clothing rental. They decided to join forces and bring their concept to life through the creation of an online store: in June 2017, Bibou’tic was born.

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As an alternative to buying, accumulating and wasting, Bibou’tic offers to rent baby clothes from birth to 12 months in the form of packs of baby and maternity clothing - all of this without forgetting about fashion. Delphine and Sonia are passionate about what they do, which is obvious when talking to them. In particular the time they spend listening to mothers and advising them shows the passion they have for this project.

In addition to enabling mothers to spend less time shopping, they promote a circular economy and strive to change the narrative surrounding clothing rental. Indeed, Sonia and Delphine noticed that there was a growing awareness of the necessity to protect the environment and consume differently, but observe reticence in changing habits. They would love for this consumption pattern to be considered as mainstream. Today, the two women behind Bibou’tic hope to create partnerships to be able to donate clothes when they are no longer rentable but can still be worn.

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