Your creativity for the good of the sea

A better understanding of the oceans and a rational managementof their resources, that is what the European Marine Information (EMI) strives for. Founded in September 2016 by two engineer students specialized in marine sciences, the project aims to combine innovation and oceanographic research by bringing together students and experienced scientists. 

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The team provides students with information about careers in the marine sciences sector and puts them in contact with seasoned professionals. EMI also promote events of research laboratories as well as jobs and internships in the domain. By doing this, they improve the relationships between various actors and create new relationships between universities, research organizations, and enterprises. 

EMI currently focuses on the area of disease prevention in fish farming based on satellite remote sensing. EMI wishes to support companies seeking to harness marine potential respecting coastal and oceanic ecosystems. This new way of involving scientists with responsible companies enables a quick and sustainable implementation of inventions. 

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By 2019, EMI plans to open a web platform where each actor of the maritime progress (entrepreneur, student, public institution or researcher) will find a place to change or make use of marine resources in a concerted manner. In this regard, the team is currently looking for partners and raising funds.

In the near future, EMI is looking to increase their impact in Europe by getting involved in the common policy of global ocean development. In the long run, they envision projects abroad with a focus on Francophone countries and research. 

EMI is becoming a tool for the preservation of oceans by promoting collaboration and interdisciplinarity. 


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