Music Education: the future for Malagasy Talents

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“We are aiming to raise € 4000.00 for this camp to allow us to invite extra musicians from Europe to help us in the training. We already have a professional opera singer, Mr. Michael Kraus, and trombone player, Stephan Schulze, that have paid for their own flights. The instrumentalists we are looking to invite will be string players (violin, viola and cello).

The Michael Rakotoarivony Association is a charity organisation that stands to improve the quality of Music Education in Madagascar. In this end, the project “Music Education: the future for Malagasy Talents” is an educative project that will contribute to this goal by training local music teachers in their skills, accompanying the schools into creating a common education board, helping them in the steps of building a common curriculum and assessment procedures to enable an easier access to partnerships with institutions around Africa and around the World. This year, 2017, we are preparing a music camp to train them in rehearsal and performance skills.

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