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“We connect people regardless of cultural background and legal status, thereby breaking symbolic walls.”

The association Essaim d’Accueil creates and sustains a network of people residing in Geneva wishing to informally welcome newcomers arriving in one of the housing facilities for asylum seekers provided by the canton of Geneva while including other residents of the housing facilities. This network is open and accessible to everyone, and some of the current participants like to call it family. We organize activities such as soccer tournaments,culinary exchanges visiting other Swiss cities or the mountains, renting a boat on the lake, etc.

Exchanges that happen within Essaim d’Accueil are marked through an otherwise unknown horizontal and inclusive attitude, which strongly bonds participants. Our commitment is complementary to that of professional social workers, and lies in simply creating spaces which permit Geneva residents to meet and interact, thereby working toward a peaceful living together.

Who are we?
The executive committee of Essaim d’Accueil is a diverse team composed of 7 individuals from 24 to 30 years old coming from Switzerland, France, Brazil, Syria, Bosnia and America. Some of us recently graduated from the Graduate Institute of Geneva while others are social worker, legal advisor or fundraiser champion. Follow us on Facebook and check out our website to learn more about us!

We founded the association in a natural manner: through sharing the same passion and vision of social interaction. Since last September we have been working together like family and we have weekly meetings in which we coordinate the association’s roles and activities to push it ever further. Internally we follow the principle of holacracy: each person has a specific role to play in a horizontal and inclusive manner.

We work as an incubator putting people in touch and allowing them to develop new projects. These projects allow residents of the region to build a better future in extending their social and work opportunities. Our ultimate objective is to extend our activities to the entire State of Geneva and beyond, and to change the dynamics of migration related activities and discourse.

Our efforts towards this objective have already been rewarded: we won the Good100 Medal at the GoodFestival!
Asile.ch also wrote an article on our activities: check it out!

No words can better express what we do and who we are than the following video made by Osama Alshekhly:

why do we need money and how much?
One of the most urgent projects that we would like to realize this year is a training for all members of Essaim d’Accueil. There are two major realms this training is intended to cover. First, in reaction to the wish of many of our members to have a better understanding of the circumstances in which some Geneva residents live, we would like to offer trainings dealing with basic information on the administrative and legal process of asylum (and some of its social implications) generally in Switzerland and in Geneva in particular. Second, and most importantly, there is a need to raise awareness about the role of volunteers in the field, what it means to have a horizontal and inclusive attitude, and to convey values and discourse of equality and humanity. Such training will solidify the foundations of membership, allow us to broaden the diversity of participants in our activities and increase our overall impact throughout the state of Geneva. Donations will allow us to remunerate a legal expert in the field of asylum and rent a venue to conduct an extensive and inclusive training for all our members and interested people.

If you do not have any money but liked what we do, other means are available to take the journey with us!!!
– Help us in sharing our facebook page and crowdfunding campaign!
– Volunteer with us!
– Offer us your specific skills in IT, fundraising, events organisations, skydiving diploma, or whatever you good at!

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