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Help us raise 10000$ to create safe learning spaces!
Did you know? 775 million adults across the world are illiterate and of this, 287 million people are Indians.

Yes! Education across the world is screwed up.
Surprisingly, today there’s more focus on schools and not the learners. And we are here to DEFY this one Nook at a time!
Project DEFY ( is setting up safe learning spaces called NOOKS where one can safely express, experiment and experience different domains of learning, and find their interests. Presently, we have ‘3’ Nooks and ‘300′ learners with emerging micro entrepreneurs and leaders.

A Nook is set up WITH 10,000$ and your contribution will help us set up a Nook at Mattancherry, Fort Kochi, India and provide the community a space to reclaim the lost art and livelihood.

We have been aware of the fact that learning as a concept has not evolved from the factory model. Back in 2014 when we visited a village outside Bangalore, called Banjarapalaya, we observed, through a random experiment of letting young children access to our smart phones, that every human has an inherent need to learn what she/he believes is relevant. This is more severe in under -served communities who have traditionally not been trusted enough to learn and design their education for their own needs.

We decided to change this by creating a safe learning space, equipped with basic tools and materials to prototype, that we call a Nook.
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A « Nook » way of Learning.
Over the past 2.5 years we have set up Nooks in 3 areas in peri urban Bangalore, farming community of Mangalore, refugee camp in Uganda where anyone can come in, learn, express and experiment free of charge. They are now home to more than 300 learners!

At a Nook we begin with introducing the participants to the Internet to see interesting projects. Soon participants start finding projects that are relevant to their communities.
At a Nook we begin with introducing the participants to the Internet to see interesting projects. Soon participants start finding projects that are relevant to their communities.
Check us out here

Does this really work?
Our makers have built robotic arms, phone controlled airplanes, arduino boats from scratch! Our star outreach manager, Deepika has set up her own jewellery business. Makers at our Mangalore Nook are building aquaponics projects at a small scale to replicate them as agricultural solutions for the larger farming community. You can check out some cool projects here
We are seeing community leaders emerge, becoming Youth venturers and creating sustainable solutions.

We are taking learning into the hands of the people and allow the communities to decide for themselves on what they want to do with it. We have just started a partnership with SINA at Nakivale Refugee Settlement, in Uganda where SINA and Project DEFY are partnering to spark self-organized empowerment. Read more here

Where to next?
Mattanchery, Fort Kochi, India, was once a hub of art and creativity, a home to brilliant local artists who made livelihood from the art they created. As commercial tourism exploded, the area got shoved into abject poverty with the same artists becoming truck loaders and other unorganised labourers. Today, you can see a distinct divide between the booming elitist art hub on the other side of the slums while the community remains sunk in poverty.

Call To Action
Contribute to this campaign and be a part of our journey to bring back colour to the streets of Mattanchery and into the lives of its people.

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Megha Bhagat

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Ashoka Venture
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    Update about the progress in creating our Mattancherry Nook.

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    A special picture for you from our Bangalore Nook.

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    All lower rewards and a special picture for you from our partner NOOK from the Nakaivale refugee camp in Uganda.

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    All lower rewards and a chance to speak via skype with our makers/learners during a hands on session at Mattancherry Nook (learning space).

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    All lower rewards and a very special pair of earrings hand made Indian design by our star maker Deepika.

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    A very special coffee painting as a collaboration between our learners at Nook and Coffee on Canvas artist. The design will be on your request and painted on canvas. Read here


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