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Our aim is to create opportunities for economically disadvantaged artisans through innovative and sustainable programs.

I am traveling from Chengdu, China to attend the GoodFestival in Lausanne, Switzerland. There I plan to network with others with similar interests on growing innovative projects. The knowledge gained from this trip will allow us to become more financially stable and positively affect even more people. I am looking to raise $1000 to help reduce the travel costs.

We envision our social enterprise as promoting fair trade practices for those producing these products. The craftsmen or their families are mainly affected by disabilities, remoteness, disaster, disease or poverty. We are not just promoting a working environment to allow people to earn a living but saving old cultural methods of creating art.

This has the double effect of creating a more financially stable community but ensuring the survival of these culturally important, artistic methods.

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Dr Rachel Pinniger, CEO/owner

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    A reproduction of a beautiful painting with calligraphy by a lady with a disability (very deformed hands and arms)

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    A Blue Sheep shopping/tote bag (well made, lined with Blue Sheep logo sewn onto it)

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    Leather key case (made by the leather carver as mentioned above or by another disabled artisan)

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    A cake of the finest gourmet Pu’er tea, picked and fermented in the mountains of Southern Yunnan in SW China, together with instructions in how to prepare and serve this delicacy.


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